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Dos Soles Ceramics

Cara Blanca Face Vase

Cara Blanca Face Vase

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This stunning vase is sure to make a statement in any room. Turned with love and care on the potters wheel, this vase features a unique and striking design that is both functional and decorative.

The vase boasts a delineated face on the body, which adds a whimsical touch to its overall appearance. The face has been carefully hand-designed to create a detailed expression that will captivate and intrigue anyone who sees it.

The vase is finished with a beautiful cream glaze that has light brown speckles, adding a subtle texture and depth to the piece. The glaze is applied by hand, ensuring that each vase has a unique and one-of-a-kind finish.

Standing tall and proud at 14" (h) and 8.25" (w), this vase is perfect for displaying long-stemmed flowers or branches, or as a standalone decorative piece in your home or office. Its sturdy base and solid construction ensure that it will hold up over time and become a cherished piece in your collection.

Bring a touch of personality and artistry to your space with this exquisite vase. Its unique design and beautiful finish make it a conversation starter and a true work of art.


Production dimension: 14" (h) x 8.25" (w)

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