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Dos Soles Ceramics

Seaside Sands Serving Bowls

Seaside Sands Serving Bowls

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Bring the tranquility of the seaside to your dining table with our Seaside Sands Serving Bowls. These handcrafted large serving bowls are slab-built and glazed with a unique blend of glazes, reminiscent of the soft sands and cool ocean waves.

Each bowl is a work of art, individually crafted to ensure no two are exactly alike. The organic shapes and textures of the bowls are inspired by the natural forms found on the beach, making them a beautiful and functional addition to your tableware collection.

These Seaside Sands Serving Bowls are perfect for serving large portions of your favorite dishes. Their generous size and elegant design make them suitable for any occasion, from casual family dinners to formal dinner parties.

In addition to their stunning aesthetic appeal, these serving bowls are also practical and easy to care for. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, making them a convenient and versatile addition to your kitchen.

Upgrade your dining experience with our Seaside Sands Serving Bowls and enjoy the beauty of the coast from the comfort of your home.

Product dimensions: 3.25"(h) x11.5"(w)
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